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Recovery. Hope. Random moments of black and white thinking. Will support anyone confident enough to speak the truth in public. 18. Dreamer. Philosophy and language major. Female. Learning what life is about...substances sure as heck can't help me figure that out anymore. Lots of love, everyone. It's scary but worth it and no soul is so empty that it has to be cast inside some hidden gloom of a body- you are beautiful, special and deserve to see sunlight in your aliveness. Borderline fighter, ana survivor, addiction recoverer, depression stomper and soon-to-be sunshine bringer. Have a nice day :)

I Hate You.


I Hate You.
I Hate You For Leaving.
I Hate You For Not Replying.
I Hate You For Ignoring My Calls.
I Hate You For Being So Important To Me.
I Hate You For Having Me Fall In Love With You.
I Hate You So Much
That I Love You.

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classic dad

classic dad

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The Empties.

I love the things I own

Which are things which you don’t

Remember that what’s mine isn’t at all yours

You called me insecure

Doesn’t that seem to sure

Make you seem superior to me

Not at all.

You worry about

The way you’re dressed

You care about things that are messed

You claim that you are not a drug addict

But I can tell, that your heroin habit

Might disagree

With the statements you tell me

You don’t need to tell me

I fucking know you, lonely


You try to change

But you don’t know how

You use big words, find new people

But still don’t seem able to figure out

That the problem is you

You’re the problem

Not everybody

Not what you do

Because you aren’t changing

You’re just paraphrasing

The things you do to sound like you’re going somewhere

You’re not moving forward, you’re hooked to her like an anchor

To the bottom of Atlantis, if it were real

You live in fantasies

Welcome to reality

Here, I’m not the crazy one

Woo hoo!

Oh, you don’t even know

The way you come off

Everybody knows

That you’re just a stop

Away from rock bottom

But you seem to see the cityscape

As you move the hair off of the nape

Of my neck

And proceed to place your lips

On the place they first touched my body

And I keep my thoughts to myself, because you’re like a hobby

Which I don’t like doing and I’ve already had it

I can’t control the cravings, but I also can’t keep at it

I’m also a fucking addict

And you’re delusional as fuck

You’re the person who I tolerated the most

And hated the most

Who I never figured out

But people aren’t like words

They can’t be read or heard

By what they choose to convey

Because people are sneaky, especially you

Especially in that way

I look at you sometimes

And something shines

But you close your eyes

Thinking that that’ll keep me from knowing

Why are you being a fucking Chuck?

Just say how you feel

Jesus fucking fuck



Tolerance is not premised on luck

and guess what?

I’ve been making wise decisions

'People in my life' revisions

And you can take your superstitions

and shove them up your ass

Because I don’t know what I liked

Or what it was I hated

But things did not turn out

How I anticipated

So yes, I wasted time

And you’re a piece of fucking shit

So yes, I lost my mind

But did you know all addicts eventually quit?

Either by choice, institution or death

And you’re not something I will ever touch again.

"once is too many,a thousand is never enough" (Source:N.A.)

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The Rosy Maple Moth is the prettiest moth ever.

(I do not own the rights to these photos, I just wanted to share this beautiful moth with tumblr.)

It’s like what would happen if you poured fluo paint all over a normal moth.

Give it here. I want to be friends.

Shiny moth

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Neck Deep - I Couldn’t Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago


Neck Deep - I Couldn’t Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago

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